What can I write on a coffin-shaped cake?!

Question: What can I write on a coffin-shaped cake?

My friend, who is a mortician, just bought a funeral home and we are throwing her a party, What can we write on the coffin-shaped cake?

Yes, this is for real :O)).



Not sure if it's too late to answer but if not, can you make it look like it is resting on water? If so, you can write something like Life's a beach and then, ooops!

Or maybe May business always bloom and have flowers around it?

Or May people always be dying to get in?

How about If life gives you embalming fluid, make corpses? Ewww - gross, I know.

Or the joke Q. What did the healthy casket say to the sick casket? A: Is that you coffin?

Or Congratulations on your new location?

Hah. This may be the strangest question I've seen on here, but okay, let's see ...

How about "Here's to a great life" (kind of ironic)?

Or, can you put some little roses around it and maybe write something like "everything's coming up roses"? Or something like that.

Good luck with it.

Have some more-it's good for business.

taste the tool of the trade

dig in
eat your fill
eat till you drop

Dig in ---> the best that I can think of LOL

life is a grave, dig it

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