What are some ideas for a night on the town sweet 16 party?!

Question: What are some ideas for a night on the town sweet 16 party?
I am inviting 16 girls. I already know I'm gonna go to a Mexican restaurant but what else can I do?


Yes, a limo would be good, I have no clue how much they are but I'm betting it would eat up your budget quite a bit.

I mean, it really depends on where you live and what's there as well as what your parents will agree to of course. Also with that many people, you aren't going to be able to do all that much after dinner. If you had 6 to 8 guests it would be easier--or either take the party to your house after dinner. I mean you couldn't even take that many to a movie w/ popcorn for $100.

But, if you don't wanna shorten your guest list and don't wanna go home after, here's what I can come up with:

--Go to a teen dance club.

--Go to the mall. You could wear a tiara and sash to show you're the bday girl. Or you could do a scavenger hunt while you're there (see link below, this sounds pretty fun). You could take your cake and have it in the food court (if they would let you?) and/or buy everybody ice cream, ride the carousel, jump on those jumpy things, whatever.

--Go roller skating or ice skating.

--Go to an arcade like Dave and Buster's if you have one in your area.


Limos are always fun. They could drive you to then restaurant, then after dinner cruise around for awhile.

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