Give me ideas for my sleepover?!

Question: Give me ideas for my sleepover?
I'm gonna throw a Camp Rock 2 sleepover on Friday when it comes out.. Duh, we're gonna watch the movie. But I want some other ideas? Food and activities please(:


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Ignore Mark. We're all over 16, and we still have themed sleepovers. My sisters sorority does it and she's 21 so ignore him :D.

Since it's Camp Rock, you should use the camp theme all the way.

1. I agree - the karaoke is totally cute since it's Camp Rock!

2. Make "camp" food like smores, hot chocolate, popcorn, chips, sliced apples with caramel dip, and make a sugar coated trail mix with chocolate chips, vanilla chips, and peanut butter chips.

3. Bar b que food works with camping. I don't eat hot dogs, but you could do a "Hot Dog Bar" with different toppings, and you could have veggie dogs and veggie burgers for non meat eaters. :D

4. Have everyone come dressed like their fav character or in Camp Rock Fashion. And adults who watch LOST and 24 and shows like that dress up and have viewing parties, so its NOT dorky haha.

here's a fashion blog on Demi / Mitchie and Camp Rock Fashion...…

5. Create 2 quick dance routines - 1 for Camp Star and 1 for Camp Rock - divide the girls in half and have the girls learn the routines. I'm a cheerleader so that's something I would actually do haha :D

Anywayyyssss - have fun - don't be afraid to go all out, and don't listen to the haters :D…

Wow. Your probably like a 4th or 5th grader. Camp Rock sounds retarded. Watch a scary movie. And at sleepovers i just stock up on Soda, and junk food and let the refrigerator go to hell. Activities? What are you? Lesbian?

kareoke machine, or just use a boombox and play and sing some camp rock songs, make up a camp rock quiz/trivia game. eat camp type foods like s'mores and stuff like that.

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