What should i have for dinner?!

Question: What should i have for dinner?
i am so hungry and it has to be really easy and i can cook it in like 15 minutes


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Depends on what you have on hand. The quickest things to work with would be pasta, rice, veggies, unfrozen or processed meat, cheese, pasta sauce, and bread.

* Pasta with veggies and/or meat and a jar-type sauce, Sauce alone is satisfying too, but more satisfying with cheese sprinkled on top

* Canned beans ladled over rice

* Green salad or pasta salad with whatever ingredients you'd like to include

* Omelets

* Sandwiches (need I say more) and soup

You could also make yourself a quick appetizer to tide you over and then take a little more time with dinner.

Spaghetti with a can of chili beans mixed in. Top with shredded cheese. Fast , Easy and Yummy.

Chicken over a salad or pasta always is delicious and soo easy to make.

One of my faves :)

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