pink dinner party? ideas?!

Question: Pink dinner party? ideas?
right so it's my 16th birthday on friday night. I'm planning on having a "pink"dinner party with 7 of my closest friends. i have helium balloons, pink drinks, etc etc but im looking to find what i can do for entertainment. must be cheap on a low budget with having my twin siblings starting secondary school and what not (recession depression much?)
cheers in advance =)
kellie ?


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I love your idea of pink dinner!!

Pink limonade with marashino cherries

"Pink lady "

Ingredients 1 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon rum extract
2 tablespoons sugar
3 ice cubes
Drop red food coloring
Mix ingredients in blender.
Serve in tall stemmed glass.


Marguerita mini pizza

Preheat your oven to 350* F to get it ready to make your mini pizzas.
Cut in half or separate your english muffins and lay out (centers facing up) on a cookie sheet or flat baking pan. These will be the crusts for your mini pizzas.
Spread a tablespoon full of pizza sauce over the top of each muffin half. You can add more or less to suit your personal pizza preferences.

Sprinkle with shredded Mozarella cheese, tomatoes slices, and oregano.


Easy strawberry shorkcake or
strawberry ice cream with red sprinkles
Strawberries and whipped cream.

Easy strawberry shortcake

Small marshmallows
1 white cake mix
1 pk strawberry Jello
1 pk frozen strawberries
1 container Cool Whip

Layer pan with marshmallows. Mix cake mix according to directions. Microwave strawberries to thaw for 1 min. Add Jello. Sprinkle a layer of marshmallows over cake. Put Jello and Strawberry mixture over marshmallows. Bake according to directions on box. Refrigerate. When cake is cooled add Cool Whip on top and serve.

watch a romantic or chick flik movie!!!

good luck!!


You could do a spa/diva type deal after dinner where you give everyone a pink feather boa (dollar store), paint each other's nails, have different lip glosses/lipsticks, pink body glitters, etc. maybe even pink hair dye or doll each other up with pink ribbons & sparkles in your hair and then take lots of pics which you could later print out and give to your friends in a pink frame as a favor. You could ask everyone to wear a shade of pink to the party.

You could do Pink karaoke (like the singer Pink).

If your friends are kinda crafty you could buy some pretty jewelry making beads and such in different shades of pink and let everyone make a pink necklace or bracelet. Along the same lines you could have everyone make pink glycerin soaps or bath salts or whatever. You can google search how to do this.

You could have cupcakes baked and let everyone decorate their own with pink tinted frosting, pink candies, sprinkles, etc.

ideas mine, but here's some sites with more info:……

Different party games with a pink twist:
pass the parcel - something silly and pink from a pound shop in the middle - pink forfeits/sweets in the layers
pin the pink ribbon on your pin ups naughty bits
the game where you pass a dice round the circle and if you get a six you have to put on a pink hat and gloves and eat chocolate/pink jelly with a knife and fork stopping when the next six is thrown

Have you got a karaoke machine or know someone who could lend you? Or you could try Jenga which is a good game where you have to pick out wooden bricks from a pile without toppling the tower ( drinking or dare game).

Try not to do DVD or video as evryone will fall asleep , at least have music where everyone can dance.

Cheap pink party ideas:

Get a bunch of pink balloons and then insert a piece of paper in it (folded up) and then blow it up....have the paper name something the guest has to do>>>make it funny, etc. Suggestions can be anything from having to sing a song, to wearing some kind of pink item and performing a task. Use your imagination. It could even be to search for pink candy in a certain area...or be blindfolded and have a partner give you instructions on where to find something, etc.

Give them paper and pens and have them think of everything pink (from famous things of long ago to common things---J' Lo's diamond is pink, Elvis' pink Caddy he gave to his mother are famous things.) Common things are a tongue, a pig, a rose, Pink Panther, and more

Play music by PINK and PINK Floyd

Games that require paper and pencils can use pink paper and pink pencil crayons or pink pencils . Also, make the prizes pink! Pink hand lotions, pink hair accessories, and pink sunglasses, pink nail polish, pink lipglosses, can be fun little prizes to win.

Play an old Japanese game where everyone sits in a row with your back to the other person. Everyone has a blank sheet of paper and a pen. The last person in line takes the paper and places it on the back of the person ahead of her and draws a design of something.....then THAT person has to imagine what was drawn and draw it on the next girl until it reaches the last person in line who draws the final "object". Then compare pics as to how everyone interpreted the design!

Play>>>Make two teams and stand one from each team in front of a wall holding a big sheet of paper, facing AWAY from it. Write a word or draw a picture on the board (e.g. "hamburger") and the girls have to explain that word to their team member (e.g. you can buy it in McDonalds, it's got cheese and ketchup in it). The first girl out of the two standing in front of the board to guess the word wins a point for his/her team. Play up to a certain number of points>>>give winning teams small bags of pink M&M candies or the like...or pink bubbles, stuff like that.

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