Childs party menu ideas please?!

Question: Childs party menu ideas please?
Doing hot dogs and cup drinks for my 8 year olds disco, what other foods should I offer?, thinking of not doing sandwiches, just crisps and easy ready made snacks (UK shops, probably asda). What else should I put on the table?. Thanks.


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mini pizzas, hot dogs} as main dish
soda } beverage
Ice cream } desert

hotdogs and hamburgers are always good. or chicken nuggets and french fries. kids also like nachos alot or really any kind of chips for that matter. put out a fruit salad with a dip, its simple and healthy. cookies and cupcakes are always good desserts for kids parties. or ice cream sundae bars are fun :) u can put out a soda fountain for the kids too.

Main dishes:Mac n chez!...chicken fingers(nuggets) mybe mini pizza....spagetti n meatballs mini hamburger chezburger sliders..:)

Snack: chips, chez doodles n lotsz of sweet colorful fruits n veggies


chiken nuggets, cheese cubes, cheez its r good, mini hot dogs, kids like mini foods i think cuz they have small hands, a choc fountain w fruit n candy

kids usually like macaroni and cheese, and possibly french fries. if you want to go a little healthier, id say create a tray of fruit and/or vegetables!

What about goldfish? And crisps are chips right? What about carrot sticks and dip... And you could have a cold pasta dish maybe because a lot of kids like pasta.

Happy birthday to your son! :D

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