Need help with menu for son's fall/pumpkin themed 1st birthday party!?!

Question: Need help with menu for son's fall/pumpkin themed 1st birthday party!?
The party is in October, will have a pumpkin/fall theme and will be held at a local park. Originally, I wanted to do a fish fry but the park will only allow you to cook on their charcoal grill. I'd really like to stay away from hot dogs/hamburgers. My dilemma is that grandma can't eat anything cooked with charcoal for health reasons and no beef or pork for religious reasons. Ideas please?


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You can make chicken or fish/shrimp on a grill and make them into sandwiches or as entrees. You can cook ahead and warm on the grill like the other answerer said or if you have a heavy bottom sauce pan you can use that on the grill with water or broth in it and do a fish boil or shrimp for peel and eat or use a couple pans and make shrimp with a sauce and pour over pasta. You could cook the pasta ahead and just dunk in some boiling water in one of the pans on the grill for just 30 seconds or so and it's ready.

Wow, ppl are way overthinking this in my opinion. I would want to keep it simple and focus on the birthday boy and your family and friends--and of course, the cake!.

Do you *have* to cook on the grill? I mean, you could stop and get a few pizzas, or prepare finger foods at home (mini-sandwiches, cheese tray, etc) and bring them picnic-style. Or you could stop and get a bucket of fried chicken and bring some tater salad, baked beans, cole slaw, etc. There are several ways you could do it without using the grill. Otherwise I guess you could grill BBQ chicken if you just really wanna use that grill.

I just think at a park you're gonna wanna keep it simple and easy. I mean, it's hard enough to have to bring everything you need for a simple meal and bday decorations, etc.

personal exp

You could wrap the fish in aluminium foil with butter, lemon, or any herbs/spices to place on the grill along with cobs of corn buttered with garlic & wrapped in foil too. Grab a large round cob bread & cut off the top and pull out all the bread inside to break into bite sizes & fill the bread shell with a dip (roasted pumpkin blended with cream cheese, parmesan cheese, cashew nuts for the theme). Marinate & cook some chicken wings day before & cover & heat back up in an old pan to put on grill. Fruit on skewers.

cook the day prior before you go on your picnic like bread rolls, salads, pumpkin scones, get a cooked chook and break it apart etc. also take bbq food and cook on the gas bbq and have food for every one. you may have to go to a bit more effort for your granma but she has done things for you in the past.

you can make chicken kabobs and even prepare them the night before. As for Gramma you can make her some of the same but cook hers at home and just warm it in foil at the party.

I hope these ideas help.
cook the food before you go the the place the party is at and to keep it hot with out electricity use what is called a chaffing dish.below is a walmart link so you can see what it is and how to use it. they use either fuel cans or candles depending on what your need is and what the rules for the party location are. That way you can make the food you want and keep it warm in the dishes.not the same as grilling right there but maybe you can at least cook the grandmas food and bring it warm and still use their grill for every one else food.…

if your trying to stick with a fall theme then for dessert make a pumpkin pie cheese cake or cheese cake minis since there will be kids.

instead of hot dogs and hamburgers here are a few ideas:
fajitas make a mic of chicken which is cheaper and beef. go to sams to get the meet if you can.
since its fall you can get away from the grill thing altogether and make casseroles like broccoli and cheese with rice and use the chaffing dishes to keep warm. these type of foods at a party are more except able since its fall.
If there are kids there make sugar cookie cut outs of pumpkins and have the kids decorate them with iceing and sprinkles and make it a game who ever has the pretties the funniest and the worst each wins a prize.if the kids are older blind fold them.
also shishkabobs are great grilled and you dont have to use pork which i myself do not eat.
also i know they have nothing to do with the theme but take rectangle slice of turkey lunch meat and add a thin layer of cream cheese then use a baby kosher dill pickle and roll them up then cut into smaller pieces adn use a toothpick to hold together. its always a hit.

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