I'm having my 14th birthday party ideas?!

Question: I'm having my 14th birthday party ideas?
So i'm probably having my party at a suite in a hotel. cause my house is wayyyyy to small. is there ideas what we could do there? and do u think parents would be fine with having there children in a hotel just us girls? specificly, New Jersey parents.


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I don't think most parents would let their 14-year-olds stay the night in a hotel alone, but I don't know the parents obviously. Maybe if one of your parents got a room next door to yours, or an adjoining room the parents would feel more comfortable.

In terms of what you can do: maybe just have a movie night where everyone brings their favorite movie. Have lots of food and drinks there like pizzas and popcorn and sodas and juice. A birthday cake is a must, or lots of cupcakes.

Also, it would be cool to have a pedicure/manicure setup. Buy 5-6 new bottles of nail polish: red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, black and silver. Have a clear top coat, nail files, toe separators, cotton balls and polish remover. Maybe some flower decals too. Then buy cheap flip-flops for everyone as a take-home gift. You can get cheap ones from a Payless, Target, Walmart, dollar store, etc. And let the girls choose a bottle to take home with them.

Decorate the hotel room with balloons, flowers, streamers, etc.

my friend threw a pirate party for his 17th birthday. it was amazing. the house was decorated and there were brilliant pirate games. by the end of the night everyone was singing along to the pirate songs :D

check my sources for ideas


no, most hotels require parental chaperones. It's the hotels policy. I would as a parent be very afraid of any 14 yr olds left alone at a hotel..I use to go to out of town sports teams with girls as a parent chaperone...wild!

Community Centre
Church Hall

Get a theme ready and have food and soft drinks.

hm pull an all nighter get lotsssss of snacks and soda, play truth or dare, watch movies, and bring alot of nail polish :)

BEACH PARTY. right now.

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