im having my 14th birthday party soon and i need your advice??...?!

Question: Im having my 14th birthday party soon and i need your advice??...?
on my party were gonna play games and i was wondering what type of inexpensive prizes i get..? im a girl by the way and my party is gonna be all girls too.. please and thank you.


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wow get some guys

- Ardenes has suprise bags that are for $5, they are fun cause you dont know what your getting plus they have alot in them for a very inexpensive price tag!
- Go to the dollar store and get some cute notepads/books and a pack of fancy pencils/pens
- A gift card to Tim Hortons or Dunmin Dohnuts (just $5 or something)
- Lip gloss, chapstick, set up eyeshadow
- Hand lotion/cream or body wash (sample/travel size)
- stuffed animalss
- nailpolish

Thats everything I can think of at the moment, hope you have a good party !

cheap jewelery or makeup on SALE from a good place like boots.
NEVER get cheap makeup or expensive makeup from a unknown rubbish place like rockbottom discount warehouse because the makeup is really bad once i got lipgloss from there and my lips were BURNING it was like they put chilli in it. i threw it all away

The dollar tree is an awesome place to get various knick knacks and fun trinkets. Plus everything is a dollar! Also if you go to claires or icing they have they're 10 for $10 racks and those are good to find cute gifts.

I'm 15 and a girl has some great gift sets for under $10…

those are cute. If makeup isn't ok, then try the bath & body section on that same site. The products are pretty good quality for the price =)

I think jewellery would be your best bet..
Primark, Miss selfridge .. and well most places have inexpensive jewelery, or even try claires when they're on sale.
Oh and nail varnish too ..
hope this helps.

go to the dollar store and buy a couple of funny things dont get serious and spend a lot of money on expensive prizes because its all just for fun.

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