Masquerade sweet 16 party?!

Question: Masquerade sweet 16 party?
Does anyone have any ideas on how to throw an awesome masquerade ball party under $800? I've been looking for good venues so if you want to help I live in Metro Detroit (southeast) Michigan.

Do you have any ideas to help make this an awesome party?

I need:
cheap blank masks (i'm gonna decorate them myself)

anything else would be great!


LOL, we're planning my daughter's sweet 16 for this month on the 18th and its the same theme! ;-D

Instead of it being a huge fancy "ball" tho, we're doing it more like a Masquerade Cocktail Style Party, not quite as 'formal'. Helps to keep the costs down AND wont seem as "intimidating" of an event to attend for some the guests.

She does have a very beautiful flamboyant mask tho in sapphire blue (sept bstone) and gold. She found the mask on vacation and HAAAD to have it! You can see it here:…
(I made her try it on for a pic after she got it LOL)
This is the dress I got for her:…
Despite how 'mature' it looks on the model, it looks very age appropriate on her ;D PLUS she can wear it again! WHICH is another reason we went this 'cocktail' route...makes it easier for the guests to choose their wardrobe for the event.

My mother and I are doing all the food's the 'intended' menu so far LOL

I did the invites myself and wow did they turn out awesome! She just saw them today and loved them to death LOL!
You can view them here (just scroll thru the 3 or 4 pics till you see the "masquerade" images)…
Here's the poster I made to hang on the outside of the venue door, so guests know which door to enter ;D
(Again, just scroll till you get to it)…
And I also made a matching 4ft vinyl banner that I'm going to have metallic markers there for everybody to sign for her:
(aaand again, just scroll thru the few pics LOL)…

These are the 2 styles of masks I'm getting to have there for those who wish to wear one ;D…
Not sure if those could be embellished very easily due to their finish, but check around their site for some that you could use---the prices cant be beat!

We're keeping the decor fairly simple, she doesnt really want it to look like a prom heehee. We are just using alot of balloon clusters and curly mylar ribbons on the tables.

I'm also going to have party themed disposable cameras scattered around for people to just be able to take crazy candids...those are sooo much fun to get developed cuz you have NOOO idea what sort of pics are on them LOL!

Uhhhmmm...cant really think of anything else right head is swarming enuff with my own planning here LOL But feel free to contact me if you like :D

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