How can I make my mom stop being cheap for my Sweet 16?!

Question: How can I make my mom stop being cheap for my Sweet 16?
Ok, it took me MONTHS to convince her to start planning now instead of the week before -_-
Cause she was all "I need to see your grades and see how your behavior is" Blah blah.

Now, we've started planning and all that comes out of her mouth is "Why do you have to have all of that? You can send invitations through the phone or e-mail." Etc.

I'm all for saving money, trust me. But I've been waiting for my Sweet 16 for 15 years - I'm not trying to be funny. I always fantasize about it and watch My Super Sweet 16 on MTV and I want mine to be something I'll look back on and still remember like it was yesterday.

I'm not asking for the top S16 ever, I just want her to stretch her pocket A LITTLE, so I can be happy.
I want to have a Club Night/Hollywood themed party. I already have an exclusive lounge I'm having it at. All that's left to do is lighting, photography, videography, decorations & invitations.

And there's a company that does ALL OF THAT. For a negotiable price and she said " I thought the lounge was enough. You need more? I don't know about that" :(

I'm feeling a little dissapointed. So what can I say to my mom to help her realize that this day is really important to me and with only five months left to plan and organize, now is not the time to be cheap!

Thanks! :\


You need to have a heart to heart with your mom on your feelings and what you would like to have. Present it that way instead of coming at her with "I want this" "I want that" and she may be more receptive. Include her, talk to her, and plan the party together. She will be honored, I'm sure if you listen to her thoughts and ideas as well. It's a big day for her, too. Her little girl will be Sweet 16.

I hope you get the Sweet 16 party of your dreams. My mom got mad at me right before mine and called everyone and cancelled my party so I know how much it means to have one, since I never did. I truly hope you have the most wonderful day and that it is just the way you want it to be. You're a February baby, just like me.

All the best to you.

get a job.

You could always approach other family members (grandparents/aunts/uncles etc) and ask them if in lieu of a gift they'd be willing to make a donation of some sort to the extra costs.

I'm in the midst of planning my daughters sweet 16 (It's it 2 weeks! LOL!) and we just really started planning hers maybe a week ago. So to me, having 5 months is a LOT of time w/no need to panic LOL
In ref to the photo aspect--rather than paying somebody to do all that fancy photo/video stuff we're getting party themed disposable cameras to scatter around the venue for everybody to just take candids. Those are soo fun to see when they get developed! LOL! And her uncle is going to do alot of the video for us. He did my wedding and even put it to dvd for us. FREE and more personal ;D

LUCKILY, my daughter is being pretty reasonable and not really asking for a whoooole lot. (that's not in ref to you in any way hun)
It's just funny that SHE has even had to pull ME back a bit here and there reminding me that "Mom, this isnt a wedding reception" LOL

With or without all the frills the spills, having all your friends/family there will be what makes it something you always remember. Have fun!

Feel free to comment on my "sweet 16" question, some input from another teen my daughter's age would be very much appreciated! ;D

just tell her how much it means to you and how perfect you want it to be. offer to help pay her back for some of it! she will feel better because she would know you arent spoiled. dont spend money on random things for the party... only stuff you need for it. and if you got good grades use that against her. tell her how hard you worked for months in school just to have the party of your dreams.

im turning 16 in 5 months too! february 27th

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