Planning a 16th Birthday Menu?!

Question: Planning a 16th Birthday Menu?
I'm currently trying to work up a menu that will be well suited for my daughter's Sweet 16.
There will be approx 70-100 guests ranging in ages from 2 to 62--so we're trying to make sure we have something for everybody ;D

She doesn't want foods that would make it look like a "sit down" dinner, rather wants it to be more like fun party food presented in 'cocktail party' fashion of sorts.
So we'll be setting up the food in different locations to try to encourage more "mingling" ;D

Any feedback/suggestions on our planned menu is greatly appreciated!

--Nacho Cheese (in a warmer to keep it good and gooey LOL)
Clear plastic nacho trays and napkins will be at this table.

--Pulled Pork w/ Mini "slider" type Buns
--Boneless Buffalo Wings w/Celery, Blue Cheese and Ranch dressings
--Mini Pepperoni Rolls ('2 bite' size) served w/Warm Marinara Sauce
--Spinach Stuffing balls
8" plates and napkins will be available at this table.

--Veggie Tray w/Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cherry Tomatoes & Dip
--Chicken Salad Spread w/Assorted Crackers
--Cheese and Summer Sausage chunks served 'kabob' style on frilled toothpicks
--Relish Tray of Mini Dill Pickles and Black Olives
--Pasta Salad set out on table already portioned in clear bowl cups
8" plates and napkins will be available at this table.

--Cupcakes: Vanilla and Chocolate arranged on a 3 tier stand
--Mini Cheesecake Bites: 3 flavors: NY style, Choco Truffle and Raspberry Souffle
--Fresh Fruit Kabobs: Strawberry, Assorted Melons & Pineapple on skewers, Grapes piled on tray
--Pretzel Rods dipped in Chocolate and decorated
--Rock Candy Swizzle Pops
6" plates and napkins will be available at this table.

--Assorted Soda Pop
--Bottled Water
--Non Alcoholic Cocktail Party Punch

Is this a good variety? Anything I should add? Is it too much? Not enuff?
Before anybody suggests a light 'alcoholic' beverage option for the adults, we really dont want it there since it's for a 16th the location won't permit it for a "minor's" event anyway LOL
And some family has suggested a chocolate fountain, but she just really doesn't want one.
My mother and I are doing all the food/desserts the easier the better ya know? heehee

Thanks so much!


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steak chips taco dip

I think you have a really good variety for a buffet style meal. it might be a good idea to add salad, but besides that this seems like it can please everyone of all ages at the party

The variety is pretty good.
I love dipping dots icecream, it's icecream in small little balls so they're easy to eat & wont make a mess.
Maybe you could add that on.

Good luck! :)

Wow your daughter is a very lucky girl! I think that sounds amazing. I wouldn't really add anything else, you've got plently and it's better to have slightly less food prepared and organized well rather than lots which is badly prepared and presented. I hope it all goes well and your daughter has a wonderful birthday :)

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