what are some ideas for a 14th birthday party?!

Question: What are some ideas for a 14th birthday party?
i'm having a 14th birthday party. i need some idea's. i'm a girly girly so what should i do? i wanna where dresses or something cute.


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For my fourteenth a few months ago I had 3 friends and we went out for dinner and then a sleepover in the tent in my garden it wasn't a huge tent but was great fun with some films, popcorn, games (:

It depends if you have a budget.
If money isn't a problem, you could rent out a ballroom and have a party (like highschool prom) so you could dress up and stuff.
If money is a problem and you're on a low budget, get together with some close friends and dress up nicely and go to a fancy restaurant.
I hope I helped, I'm not a girly girl so I tried to put myself in your shoes.
Sorry if it didn't help though, Happy Birthday in advance! :D

have a red carpet party at your house! get a "red carpet" (which really could be anything, try a craft store for felt maybe? it shouldnt be too expensive) and lay it out either outside the door or inside where people are going to walk as they first walk in. have everyone dress up in cute little cocktail dresses and pretend youre going to a red carpet event. for the actual party part you could just hang out or put music on and dance or watch a movie or pretty much do whatever. at the end of the night give out award, such as "best dressed" or "best hair" or stuff like that (if the party isnt that big, make sure everyone gets an award so no one feels left out)

You should get a few friends and go to a hotel, I did that for my 13th birthday. We ordered pizza, went out and got ice cream at a local parlor, and stayed up the whole night partying.

one of my friends did a dress party and none of the guys showed up... but if ur not having guys then have a party where everyone dresses up and you have like a fancy dinner. it'll be fun. lol

red carpet, pool party,movie,dinner,sleepover,dance party

Screw the party, ask your parent to give you a 1000$.

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