how much alcohol do i need for a 50 people party?!

Question: How much alcohol do i need for a 50 people party?
i'm throwing a party for russian people at the golden age. how much alcohol do i need 30 people will drink wine & 20 will drink Vodka. How much bottles of Wine & Vodka i need?
(i only counted the people who drink)


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i'd get 6-7 bottles of wine and 2-3 bottles of vodka. you don't want them getting tipsy!

I drink 1/2 bottle of wine over a dinner a few times a month (about 2 1/2 glasses). If at a party, I could easly drink twice that since the duration is 2-3 times as long as a typical dinner. So, if they drink like me, 1 bottle of wine per person (2 cases of 12 at least). In terms of vodka, I would allow 1 bottle for 4 people, so get 5.

You can also ask a liquor store if you can return unopened bottles and buy extra. I do that all the time for big parties. Get an extra case and if nobody drinks it, it goes back and you get a refund.

however much you provide them
count on two drinks per person

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