At a party do you prefer to...?!

Question: At a party do you prefer to...?
At a party do you prefer to...

get drunk from shots of vodka OR a couple of beers?

get drunk from alcohol OR get high off of weed?


I would really like shots of vodka instead (would have went with rum, since it gives me less of a hangover if that was a choice) since I get stuffed from beer and have to throw up by the time I get drunk from it. For the second question I would really prefer to "get drunk from alcohol" since I am a very happy, energetic drunk, very outgoing, loose, and funny, not thinking about what I don't want to, clears my mind. Weed on the other hand also clears my mind, but it makes me feel much more drowsy, much more lazy the next day, completely brain dead, very quite, zoned out, numb, partially deaf, you name it, things that I don't like. I only tried it a few times, would never do it again.

Woot!!! Alcohol by a milestone!!!


I'd prefer shots, drunk for less and isn't yeasty.

Also, I'd rather get drunk from alcohol; weed doesn't last as long as booze.

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