Cake for my birthday?!

Question: Cake for my birthday?
I am celebrating my 25th birthday tonight at a bar but there are not any cakes there, so wondering if it matters that much if there is a cake or not. Without a cake there is not much difference from casual drinking with friends ( just we are going to a better place ) or is there? Thanks.


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You could always go to the bar and have drinks then have a cake later/earlier that day, but no it doesn't matter it's not like without the cake you don't age lol.

You can get around this by asking a good friend to offer a toast during the party..........Have everyone sing happy birthday to will all be great, right?

Cake does not go too well with drinks, right?
Have cake later with a few really good friends!

yes it actualllly does matter I can say. its part of the happy birthday song and to make a wish.....also ur birthday whats a birthday without a cake!!!!!! for a birthday cake :) happpppy birthday by the way !!!!!

No it doesn't matter you can always get a cake later

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