What should I do for my 16th birthday party?!

Question: What should I do for my 16th birthday party?
so, it's my 16th birthday in one month. :)
i want to have a party, but the problem is that most of my friends like to go to house parties and get drunk, etc. i am allowed to go to these too, but i am not allowed to hold one at my house/have one for my birthday party. so what are some fun ideas for something i can do for my birthday? :) there will be between 30 - 40 people, guys and girls. i have a pool and a backyard, but we could go somewhere maybe...? ideas? :D
xoxo thanks a bunch!


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If you live near the sea, just have an outdoor BBQ that’s the best birthdays always… and Mazal Tov (congratulations)

it all depends on your budget really, For my 16th i had a limo and went out for a meal.
You could have a pool party?
Remind everyone to bring swimwear!

You could start your party around 6 have a barbeque or a buffet, Hire a caricaturist ( one of them people who draw you and make you look funny) It will be a good present for everyone to take home to remind them of your birthday and they are not too expensive,
Then around 8 you could have some music playing in your garden and have a swim or whatever, Maybe a few low percentage alcholic drinks ( like wkds)
And have it till like 12-1. Music is the main factor, i know if i go to a party and i dont like the music it can really bring the mood down, So a good idea is to link your laptop/computer to your speakers then everyone can make suggestions of what songs they like ( or hire a dj)
Hope you have a good time whatever you do and just remember to have fun!
Oh and Happy birthday!

ask someone who can have parties like that to let them have it at their house if not, you can do a pool party thing and once my friend got a projector like in class kinda thing and we watched Hitch on the side of his house. it was alot of fun and i wish i could do something like that.

Me and my friends are the same way. We just like to party. A few days ago I held my friends birthday party in my backyard. We had a huge bbq and it was very successful. We did drink of course because we are of age, but even a bbq pool party without alcohol is fantastic. If you really must drink, go to a local park and bring a portable bbq! If your friends cant have fun without alcohol, they suck!

Why don't you try a themed party, go to your local bowling alley, fun, do a 50's night, Grease theme maybe, no need to worry about getting drunk, or do that later

get a campground you can rent for 50 per person ..get booze..lots..weed... and of course to make it a memorable night some great funky mushrooms ...oh yeah and dont forget to look for a camp that can provide bonfires

maybe go to a buffet and eat as much as you can

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