great 11th sleepover birthday party ideas?!

Question: Great 11th sleepover birthday party ideas?
i need ideas for my birthday party ideas because its in 19 days i n help because this is what i got so far.
1.going out to eat at pf changes 2.smoothie at red mango golf 4.mani-pedi 5.movies (amcback at my house and go to block buster and rent the latest movie the come back and have a mini theater with a conceshon stand with a popcorn maker and cand and soda.


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wow, that's too much! Go out to eat then come home and do nails then movie time. Thats enough!!

wow.. that sounds like a full, fun night.... i dont think that your missing anything!! sounds like something i would of loved to do when i was that age...(dont forget to open presents!)

that sounds like its gonna be about buying some nail polish and nail stickers and you guys can give each other manicures and stuff like that before you go to bed? ..

get some hot guys over

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