What would you serve at an evening baby shower?!

Question: What would you serve at an evening baby shower?
My baby shower is Sept 22nd, from 4-7pm. This was not my choice since I'm not "in charge" of the whole thing, but I'm still helping figure out a menu and all that.

What would you serve for a baby shower that is in the dinner hour? I've never been to an evening shower before so I don't know if they do a full dinner type thing or just the usual snacky appetizers.

It seems kind of cruel to invite people over when they usually have dinner and then not really feed them, you know?

Help would be appreciated, and can be passed along to my step-mother, who is actually in charge of all this.


What about making a fajita, nacho, taco and burrito bar? You can cook up some pork, chicken and/or beef and keep that hot in crockpots and then have chips, flour and corn tortillas with all the fixings of grated cheese, sour cream, etc. and just let everyone make whatever they like out of those items.

And you can make a little salsa bar with homemade salsa. Salsas very easy to make - it's all blender work. Like Pico de Gallo, Mango, and Corn Salsas. Then you don't necessarily have to have an appetizers. You can just put out the salsa bar and chips and then followed by your fajita/taco, etc. bar. Easy to make and your guests can control what they put on their plates. With sides of a green salad, refried beans and Spanish rice.

And if you need an inexpensive alcoholic idea to go with this - sangria...red wine with chopped up citrus fruit in it. Very inexpensive but yet a fun beverage to offer with your Mexican food bars. And if it's a co-ed party, then also get some Mexican beers like Coronas and Duexxs and Pacifica.

Good luck.

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