How do I prevent drama at my 13th birthday party?!

Question: How do I prevent drama at my 13th birthday party?

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Just invite people that make YOU happy; once people know that you're having fun and at ease, they'll feel the same way.

being a 13 year old girl at one time.

You are 13 why would there be drama? Don't invite anyone who you feel may cause trouble. If there are going to be adult there speak with your parents about those you feel will cause any problems. And if there are gonna be adults there speak with your parents about it being Your birthday and that you and your friends want to have the kind of fun 13 yo have. No alcohol. So hope you have a wonderful, happy 13th bday

You are 13 and unfortunately there is always drama. All you can do is try to keep everyone busy and having fun. Drama starts when people get bored. If you feel like someone is beginning to start any drama let your parents know and ask the person to leave.

Why are you afraid of drama, eliminate the casues r possible causes of the drama and it should work out well enough.

Just don't invite drama ridden people! Why would there be drama? Will there b a lot of drunks fighting or something?

More info please?

you be yourself... and you let people know this is your party and you are so excited about it. And be friend any losers who ruin it. YOu go girl!

being much older

Make sure you have them busy the WHOLE party, or else they will start causing drama. Girls tend to do that...

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