6th graders party ideas!!!!?!

Question: 6th graders party ideas!!!!?
My kid is turning 12 and i don't know what to do for a party! She likes Sports, art, movies, and finding stuff!

P.S. on her account right now if your wondering


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I'm about to turn 12 too, But it depends on the month/ season, If it's summer, maybe a beach theme with swimming. Or maybe a tent out with camp fire. Maybe just throw a bash, Invite a lot of her friends and surprise her. Maybe you can have a dance or a big sleepover, Hope this helps (:

Movie theme - pick a favorite movie and center the party around that, for example, Harry Potter or Twilight.

Or there's pirate themes, and you could get those chocolate coins, etc.

Luau would be fun too, get a bunch of colored leis, grass skirts, and fun cups.

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Make it like a carnival with a bunch of games run with the egg on a spoon...scavenger hunt...piniata...musical chairs...get prizes and goodie bag from $1 store i did and it was AWESOME!!!


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