Food ideas for kid's beach themed birthday party?!

Question: Food ideas for kid's beach themed birthday party?
What are some food/recipe ideas (entree, main and dessert) for kid's beach theme birthday party?


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hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad,

you could have tropical fruits such as pineapple or coconut. you could make sandwiches and cut them with sea-animal shaped cookie cutters or seashell shaped cookie cutters. you could have punch and use food coloring to dye it blue like the ocean, or get blue punch in the first place. you could also have regular food items such as chips and dip, hot dogs/hamburgers, and pizza.

Here's a great Beach Theme Party guide with lots of great ideas…

Have a fun party!

Fish sticks in those silly animal shapes

Fruit kabobs! Or get one of those fruit arrangement things!

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