surprise party ideas?!

Question: Surprise party ideas?
its my sisters 20th birthday and we are throwing a surprise party. any ideas to make it great and memorable?? let me know:)


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make atleast one room that isn't decorated then let her walk into the surprise.

A great idea is a ‘kidnapping’ surprise. A way to do this is to spontaneously come to her room and knock on the door and once they see you, blindfold them and put them in a car. Once they are blindfolded, you can take them to the designated party area or a wonderful surprise like a music concert they may like, their favorite restaurant, etc. If you take him/her to an indoor designated party area, make sure the room is pitch dark when you take off the blindfold (that way when the lights are turned on, they will get a huge surprise).


throw the cake at her and say "you remember this forever!"

lol jk idk

but pi?atas are always fun!

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