What is a good sweet 16 party giveaway?!

Question: What is a good sweet 16 party giveaway?
I'm having my sweet 16 and since it's gonna be hard to pay for I'm charging an admission (but they don't have to bring gifts). Anyways with the price of admission they are going to get a raffle ticket to win a prize, the only problem is I need help finding a prize that a teenager would pay money for to win. I hope that all made sense... so what is an affordable raffle prize that any teenager would die to have?

Thank you


you could do maybe a gift card to a popular store or maybe an ipod if that wouldnt be considered too much. also you can do a 50/50 so they can get half of the money what teenager wouldnt be excited about money, but if you dont want to split the money that much you could maybe do 1/4 of the money you make with all your friends. hope that helped, im having my sweet 16th bday soon as well but i have no clue what to do for it. :/ Have fun and happy birthday :D

maybe like 50 bucks to the movies, or a fifty dollar gift card to someplace really popular

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