Is it impolite to not drink at dinner parties?!

Question: Is it impolite to not drink at dinner parties?
i am teetotal and always have been , this is because any alcoholic beverage to me tastes horrid (sorry all those who beg to differ), and am wondering, is it ok for one to just drink tea,soft drinks, etc. at diner parties or am i obliged to just take one glass and hold it.

p.s knowing how brits are so obsessed about manners ,especially my family.

p.s.s all my friends have always loved to have a glass or two ever since boarding school, but i always feel left out by not joining them , they always smoked too , but i cannot stand the stuff .... i was always labeled as "boring" because of these traits


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No but you should then be prepared to stick to water.
I dont have any soft drinks in the house because we dont drink them, just still and sparkling water.
Everyone gets offered both options and it would be very impolite of me to expect my guest to drink alcohol if they dont want it.
I understand that some people prefer soft drinks but if anyone would open Coke or Fanta and drink it to lovely prepared food I would not say anything but not invite that person again. They clearly dont understand that some food cant be spoiled by ghastly drinks.
Politeness works in both ways...the host should not force a guest to drink anything she does not want and a guest should not bring a host in a awkward situation

There's no reason for you to drink or fake-drink any alcohol.

However, particularly if you would prefer something other than water, you might want to inform the host ahead of time and ask if you should bring something to drink (for yourself and/or to share). I throw dinner parties that are wine-centered and if someone attended who didn't drink wine, all I'd have available is water.

It would be polite of you to take a glass of 'whatever' but it is not something you have to. If you don't want it, you don't drink it.

It would be very impolite of the host if he/she makes you drink something you don't want.

Also, if you don't feel comfortable around your friends because they smoke and drink. You might try and find friends who don't drink or smoke. It is up to you, they should respect.


Any host of a dinner party should always have a selection of soft drinks to offer to people who dont drink alcohol, some people dont drink it for a number of reasons, health, religion, taste etc. there is nothing odd about it. If I ever had guests I would always supply soft drinks myself, making fresh lemonade for a Hindu friend. I love a glass of wine (or two) I dont expect everyone to be the same.
P.S. Definitly never smoke!!

Hopefully, your host or hostess will realize that some people (myself included) do not drink alcohol. With that in mind, the host should have something (coffee, juice, etc) for those who don't drink.

Personal experience

it is not impolite simpley ask for water or another soft drink i dont drink alchohol atall and i never feel uncomfortable trust me it dosent mater if you have achohol just enjoy yourself :D


I'd say it was impolite of the host/guests to make you eat or drink or something you didn't like.

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