16 birthday party and sleepover ideas?!

Question: 16 birthday party and sleepover ideas?
My Sweet 16 is in less than 2 months (November 2nd) but we are having the party October 29,30,31 (29 and 30 will be sleepover (I have one every year) and i'm not doing a halloween theme, i did that last year. Would the colors blue and pink work out? What theme could I use for the sleepover? (I wanna do a different one for each)


Theme: Spa Party
Have girls bring: a robe, slippers,
Favors: Nail Polish, Nail Files, Pumice Stone, Mini Lotions, Makeup,
Set up: Shallow Tubs of Water for Foot Soaks; Nail Area, Facial Area, Set out Magazines,
Food: Dainty Foods like mini sandwiches, small desserts, fruit, fondue

For each of the sleepovers you want a different theme so possibly: spa, murder mystery, movie night (your favorite movie of course), chocolate theme, fashion, etc. Whatever theme you choose make it unique to your personality. I guess your party is on october 31st as to your description, so maybe the murder mystery party would work for that knowing it is halloween and all. Places to check out for low in price and good quality party supplies are orientaltrading.com, partypro.com, birthdayexpress.com, walmart, dollar tree, target, or any local stores in town or online. If you want the colors to be blue and pink, don't do a dark blue. Do a light sky blue and maybe a magenta pink. To make it pop, add yellow, white, light version of lavendar, etc. This is your 3 day party and nobody can tell you how to do it, except parents (their budget maybe). HAPPY BIRTHDAY: you're only 16 once!

wierd coincidence i jus posted like the same thing kinda&my sweet 16s november 2nd too! i had the idea of havin a paint party like katy perry.like have everyone wear white then jus go crazyy:)

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