How do i decorate for an 80s theme?!

Question: How do i decorate for an 80s theme?
I am having an 80s party for my 30th. We have the dress code sorted, music and sweets, but have no idea how to decorate the place. Please help! (we are already getting a disco ball)


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Disco ball is OK I suppose, although it would suit a late 70's disco theme better, but here's some ideas:

- large sheets of hologram wrapping papers, fold them into shapes of geometric shapes, hand-held fan shape, big bows, curtains or curls, then hang them on the surrounding walls or the entrance.

- lots of balloons preferably in electric, neon, or deep colors, but I rather have all the balloons in the same ivory color like those party scenes in 80's movies.

- an old stereo system, with plenty of 80's music cassettes or LPs

- posters of 80's teen idols, actors, supermodels, athletes, singer/group bands, even Ronald and Nancy.

Grab some ideas from 80's movies, music videos and TV shows, like Sixteen Candles, or Dirty Dancing, or you can browse the internet for reference, e.g:…

Happy almost Birthday! and have a great party!

Try looking at great online places like,, etc. When writing this to you I typed in "80's themed party ideas" into google and got tons of ideas like the ones below.
Decorations & Favors

Welcome your guests with a personalized 80's theme party banner.

Give each guest a pair of sunglasses to remember the old Corey Hartt song, "I wear my sunglasses at night."

Line the area with 80s music posters and 80's movies.

For a disco or punk eighties party style night-life effect, add plenty of glow products.

Costumes/Dress Attire

Wear jelly bracelets, fishnet gloves and punk wigs for a great 80's theme.

Baggy sweatshirts and legwarmers bring back the retro 80's look.

Games & Activities

An easy choice of games is to play a game of 80's trivia. There are several available including Trivial Pursuit 80's edition.

Jeopardy became a big hit in the 80's, and can be a fun trivia game.

Play clips from 80's TV shows or movies and competing teams guess first what movie/show the song was from.

A scavenger hunt is another great party activity. Scavenger hunts take guests into different locations, hunting for selected objects, people, or locations. It’s a lot of fun and gets all guest involved. Check out these scavenger hunt party plans for easy party planning.

80's karaoke is lots of fun and gets everyone laughing.

Have breakdancing and Rubik's cube contests.

Food & Drink

Nachos served in miniature sombreros and salsa are great to have on each table. You can also include peppers stuffed with dipping sauce for veggies.

See our theme party recipe cookbook for thousands of recipe ideas.

We also recommend the delicious Secret Restaurant Copycat Recipe Cookbook with recipes from Applebee’s, Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster, Benihana, Olive Garden, and many other popular restaurants. has a free list of birthday party recipes for more detailed recipe ideas and food preparation.

Popular drinks for an 80's theme are Corona beer and wine coolers. Be sure to have soda on hand for the non-alcoholic set as well as water for all.


You can also create your own invitations by drawing 80's themes such as sunglasses, punk styles, leg warmers, mezpahs, etc. If drawing isn't your thing, check out these "awesome" 80s party invitations

See the following collection of free theme party invitations.

I also recommend the Printable Party Invitation Creator that allows you to print over 300 unique printable party invitations, including theme party & birthday party invitations, birthday cards, party games, puzzles, and much more. It's a great product for those of us who don't have time to go shopping for birthday cards or are tired of paying so much for party invitations

This was all from one site.. imagine gettings tons of ideas from all of the sites that are listed. I hope I helped and Happy almost birthday!!! *80's are awesome

Anything Rock 'n Roll.

just write 80+30 around ur place. :)

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