I need help planning my 14th bday party...?!

Question: I need help planning my 14th bday party...?
It's a pool party...and I don't really know what else we can do cuz people probably won't wanna swim the entire time. I'm inviting 8/9 girls....I want to play the game colors and I wanna have a water balloon toss...any suggestions for things to do outside of the water? I was thinking of getting a magician or maybe a fortune teller....ur opinion will be greatly appreciated :)


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You should do a glow in the dark party. Like paint glow in the dark paint all over your bodies and stuff! It'd be pretty cool. Have like a rave thing, with flashing lights, black lights, etc. Buy some of the glow in the dark straws and ice cubes. Just have fun with it(:

If it's a pool party, than the pool is the main attraction. That doesn't always mean free swim, there are plenty of water games you can play (crisco covered watermelon comes to mind)

Just have some shaded seats out for when people don't want to be in the water. Hook up your Ipod or something, leave out sidewalk chalk.

I had my 13th party like this......we had a pool.....water baloons.....water guns.....food....all kinds of stuff and then people could just go do which ever thing they wanted.....I would suggest playing some games like marco polo and all of that stuff in the pool....Just make sure everybodys having a nice time!(:


well you could do a dance party, a pinanta, a jumper, a tug o war game, truth or dare is always fun, karaoke, you could play games like party quirks or charades...just have fun and get creative :)

Like the glow in the dark idea! And you'd be surprised how long a group of girls can be entertained with a simple slip and slide! And dont worry, groups of people can entertain themselves.

I think hold a simple party is very good.

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