18th birthday party ideas for november?!

Question: 18th birthday party ideas for november?
please keep in mind that there will be people under 18, thank you! :)


huge backyard party-cookout and nice music.
maybe rent a DJ for a dance party!
black light party but it's costy!!
you can always go bowling :)
ice skating(might be a bit kiddish)

i hope you have an awesome bday :D i'm having an ice skating party..but i'm turning 15...

House party
Pick your theme like:
Roaring 20's
Rock N Roll
Hippies of the 60's
Hollywood Stars
Cowboys & Indians
Let each guest wear something of that Era. Best one wins a prize. Items can be purchased at any Dollar Store.
Swimming at any community centre, Movies, party at a Restaurant, bowling alley

casino night - just use candy as the chips - play poker, blackjack, roulette, etc. have mocktails ( non-alcoholic drinks) . buy lotto tickets as favors. have guests dress up fancy.

invite your some friends to hold a big party

Chuck E Cheese. All the way.

my 18th birthday was great at chuck e cheese

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