How Do I throw a really awsome sleepover?!

Question: How Do I throw a really awsome sleepover?
I want to throw a good sleepover with tons of activities, great music and lots of other things tell me good music to play ( other than my favourite eminem, lil wayne,drake) and things that will keep them occupied!


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Basically you just want to have fun!

Get some foods that you and your mates love and just pig out and eat loads of sweets, chocolate, popcorn EVERYTHING! Maybe even hire a chocolate fountain i did and everyone loved itt:) Watch some films that you all like, do makeup for each other (that's always fun!) put some music on that you and your friends like and some of the classic party ones and have a laugh! Play some games like truth or dare or gossip about boys, girls you hate or envy WHATEVER! :D Do other games that you actually get in to as well like board games like twister or something like blind mans duff and do whateever else thy want to do if your mum says that your allowed to!

But no.1 thing to do is

HAVE FUN YOURSELF AS WELL! Its not just a party for them, its for you too!

P.S. bassically what the answer above me says! :D x

Im A Girl who has had a sleepover before! ;D x

I am very experienced with throwing parties especially sleepovers, and my friends always love them! so i can defo help you with this:
You need to make sure that there is plenty of good food, like pizza for dinner (making your own with all the girls is always a hit, and cheap too) lots of fizzy drink and chocolates and chips with dip and candy! (its great if you hide most of it away during the evening and bring it out 4 a midnight feast) and if you want to watch a few movies make sure there is popcorn with salt and butter or flavoured like caramel but dont put too much salt in or it could make your guests sick (trust me, ive been a victim) get lots of dressups or cool clothes and spa tools, so you can do some pampering then get your makeup done and dress up in the dressups/clothes then put on some music so you can all dance while being dressed up (its so fun) Have pillow fights, play blind mans bluff, truth or dare, have a little scavenger hunt at midnight (the prize could be a midnight feast 4 evrione) you could go outside and play spotlight, and play pranks on people, like the first to fall asleep.
Play Dressup Competiton:
put a whole heap of clothes and accesories in a huge pile in the middle of the room, then make 2 teams, who each hav a base on one side of the room, each group chooses a model, and at the word go! they have to dress up the model in the clothes and things they find in the pile. It is not judged on who finishes first, but you should get your mum or someone to come in when both teams are finished and choose which model is dressed better!
Trust me it will be really fun! for music, ask your frends for their faves at my birthday i asked the guests to choose a few songs they wanted me to play and based the playlist around that, it was really great. But once the rest of the house is asleep, dont make too much noise cos angry parents can ruin the fun. And remove any breakables from the room so they dont get broken
Just have heaps of fun and dont worry too much cos the other girls will hav a great time just being together :)

Get plenty of tasty food in for you to snack on - crisps, chocolate, etc.
Play some fun games like twister or truth or dare
Give each other make-overs
Watch some of your (& your guests) favourite movies

Basically just make sure your guests are having a good time & that'll make you a great hostess & your night a success. Good luck!

whats the theme u could play a trivial game to do with the theme and some posters in the main room have some music playing in the back ground. play a games called nail spin what u do is put everyones names in a bag ans someone pulls someones name out and then u put nail varish in a cercile around a bottle and then u spin the bottle and what ever colour it lands on u have to paint who evers name u pulled out u have to paint one of there nails that colour hope this helped :Px

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