I need help with a sweet 16 party?!

Question: I need help with a sweet 16 party?
Okay, so, My birthday is on November 5th, which is a Friday, so I would like to have a sweet 16 party...

my twin sister wants a black light party - not thinking about people who are light sensitive (me), and I would like a black tie affair. I really don't know what to do. do you guys have any idea?!

our invitation lists is between 20-40 people? and we don't want to rent a venue...so I have to make sure with my dad I can have the party theere..

Thanks for you help :)


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Well maybe you could have something along the lines or mardi gras or a masquerade ball? Then for you people could wear fancy clothes and If its masquerade then you could have cool masks for your friends. For your sister you could have lots of cool decorations since your light sensitive, or you could put colored foil type stuff that you can get at a craft store and put it around a regular light bulb to make it colored.
I hope it helps!!!

Change the biggest room in your house that is connected to something else into a club, clear the rooms completely, get flashy lights, a smoke machine, have it go late into the night, have someone serve refreshments, hire a DJ. It could also be a lot cheaper than most sweet sixteens. Hope I helped, good luck and have a good birthday!

Talk with your sister and do a blend of the two so you can both have te night of your lives. I just had my sweet sixteen and it was awesome. You can have different colored lightbulbs that you can get almost anywhere also.

I think have a simple party is very goood

Well knowing that your sisters theme is black light and your's is black tie affair.. why not take two adjoining rooms in your house (or one room in house and the backyard) and do two separate themes in each room but making sure they somewhat blends in the middle. For your sister turn the one room into a club like feel, but using lights that you could handle and still enjoy that part of the room too. For your part, you can have like a red carpet theme going into that room or backyard. For both themes the people can dress up in club attire but with white and black. Places to look up items for these themes are orientaltrading.com (definetly check out for sure), partypro.com, birthdayexpress.com, walmart, target, party city, dollar tree,etc. For the food, pick items you both like together and separately. For the cake, have the baker or make the cake yourself: do half half. One side black with club theme detailing with your sister name. Then the other half white with black bordering with red carpet theme detailing with your name on it. Then on top the age your'e both turning which is 16. With whatever you do remember that you only turn 16 once and its even more special to share it with your twin sister. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE 2 OF YOU!!!!! 16 rocks :)

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