how to eat dark chocolate?!

Question: How to eat dark chocolate?
a girl gave a presentation on how to eat dark chocolate at my school
she said that you have to eat it at the back of your tongue so your bitter taste buds can taste dark chocolate because it's bitter
she also said you have to let it melt
i have looked all over the internet but i cant find a source that says that eating dark chocolate at the back of your mouth is the correct way to ensure full flavor

i really liked the idea so please tell me if it's true and if there are any sources you can find
im thinking that if i find more reasearch, ill write my essay on this :]]
easy 10 pts

no haters plzz


She's wrong. We have receptors for all types of taste all over our tongues. Common misconception.

Letting it melt will allow it to cover more surface area, i.e. receptors.

i think the best way to eat chocolate is not an absolute concept... it depends on our tastes... but you can also write your essay on all this... this idea about tasting chocholate and our opinions with your personal experience could be a good start for your essay, you can also add on it all the different ways to eat chocholate and some short recipes ...
good luck with your essay!!!

Well now thats just silly. I'm not "hating" I promise. I just think it's a silly concept and the fact that you can't find anything on the internet proves this may be slightly "made up". You may find yourself rather stuck and limited if you choose this topic for a research paper.

Just chew it up and swallow.

The best way to enjoy the flavour of dark chocolate is to melt it gently in a bain marie, make a sauce and pour over freshly baked profiteroles (that are still soft) and filled with whipped cream.

It's to die for.

That is definitely true, ive tried it! lol, itll b kwl 4 an essay :)

That sounds wrong to me. You could choke on it.

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