Dose this sound like a good idea for a restaurant "the bigger burrito"?!

Question: Dose this sound like a good idea for a restaurant "the bigger burrito"?
So at my dads restaurant i want to try this thing.
Like make a huge burrito and make cost like 20$ if you eat it
its free if not you pay full price!
this dose sound dumb?


It doesn't sound dumb. The last place I lived there was a restaurant with a huge burger and if you ate it all it was free. The city I just moved to has a place with a really big nacho and if you eat it is free. A lot of people go for that and burritos are delicious! Good luck!!!

It's an idea, but not anything new or exciting. I guess you'd need to have an idea how many are going to be ordered, if it seem possible to the customer, profit margin, etc. I'd keep thinking, but you're on the right track.

Restaurant bartender 15 years.

No, it's not dumb. That sort of thing has been done before with success..

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