Having a moderately large party, what to do?!

Question: Having a moderately large party, what to do?
Mmmk, I'm having a after exams party. Everyone is 17-18 so there will be drinking. There will be around 40 people and we've got a DJ set up. I've been to smaller parties where we have played small drinking games etc. and they have always added to the fun. So my basic question is, what sort of activities do you think i could set up that won't be too difficult to organize with a large number of people?


Well just do some drinking games or even food games. You have a dj so you could ask them to organise some dance games too. Since your into organising you should let your neighbours know your planning a big party and you could even phone a taxi company to see how long it would take for people to get home safely or have a mini bus that can drop everyone home.

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