Inviting Japanese roommates for dinner?!

Question: Inviting Japanese roommates for dinner?
I just started college, and my roommates are really nice. They came over from Japan, and I invited them over for dinner with my family, and we'd like to know what to make. My parents will probably make chicken, rice, and vegetables for dinner, but we would like to have something from Japan that's quick and easy to make so that we can have both cultures at the dinner table. Any ideas for fun food from Japan that don't take much skill or time?


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Why not cook out -- hotdogs and burgers. And add one side dish -- like cold soba noodles. Very easy.

The easiest way to enjoy Japanese cuisine is preparing SOY SAUCE.
You cannot talk about Japanese food culture without it.

Boiled greens seasoned with soy sauce, this is called "ohitashi".
This is not a main dish in Japanese menus, just a small bowl like salad.
There are various sauce and dressing influenced by Western cuisine, but soy sauce is basic sauce to have every ingredients in Japanese cuisine. There is also soy sauce flavored Italian pasta in Japan.

**Spinach ohitashi = "Hourensou no ohitashi"**
Boil some spinach in boiling water added 1/2 tbls salt until tender, for about 2-3 minutes.
Transfer the boiled spinach immediately to cold water.
Drain, cut them into 1 1/2-inch lengths and arrange in a small plate, then cool in the fridge.
Before you have them, garnish dried bonite flakes (katsuo-bushi) and pour soy sauce.

Grilled eggplant is also tasty.

If your friends have made a rice ball (onigiri), you could prepare salt-grilled salmon as a filling to make rice balls with them. Have fun!!

Oyakodon is pretty nice and easy to make Chicken and egg)…

Or if you don't wanna make 2 chicken dishes, then Katsudon (fried pork and egg)…

Katsu (pork) curry is pretty nice too…

Or omlette? yum......Can change chicken to other meat, eg pork…

youtube, jap restaurants

If you can get tofu, the hiyayakko is my recommend.

Recipe? It is too easy!
Be cold and cut it about 1 to 2 inch cubic size and some topping as you like.
The grained ginger and chopped leek is popular in japan. Take it with soy source. It is the most popular Japanese summer taste. With sliced tomato, I would like.

If Istayed foreign country long time, I, Japanese, wish to eat it! (Too easy to cook, so the least restrant serve it)…

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