Cute food ideas for a cupcake tea party? Birthday?!

Question: Cute food ideas for a cupcake tea party? Birthday?
For the main food (hot food) whats something cute.. Sweet (doesn't have to be sweet).. that most people like. It's a teaparty but were using chocolate milk:)
It's cupcake themed.


For the food: soup or mini sandwiches
For dessert: mini cupcakes, cookies, brownies or chocolate-dipped strawberries.:)
hope it helps (:

main food ideas-
Fruit salad
mini cheese and tomato sandwiches cut out into flours, stars or hearts

sweet food ideas-
Strawberry cupcakes:…
Mint brownies:…
berry parfaits: Get some fresh berries, plain yogurt, and some vanilla or honey flavored granola. Then ensemble however you like.
chocolate dipped pretzels
caramel popcorn balls:…
fairy bread, whole wheat bread with butter and sprinkles. You can cut these into hearts or whatever you like to

well you could make cookies, brownies, pies, they sell mini pies at walmart for like 59 cents last i checked, candy all over the place, puddings, fudge, the works with desserts and if you want anything less sweet try looking for some fancy looking foods in cookbooks, make fancy finger foods, little triangle sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly, turkey, grilled cheese, fluffernutter whatever you like), chips are always good with some good dips...a lot of options

how about just making cut out sandwiches in heart shapes with a cookie cutter?
peanut butter & jelly, pimento cheese, cream cheese and jelly, or banana & peanut butter... or cheese &
meat cut out in little heart shapes and crackers, or fruit cut out into shapes...

mini-quiche baked in cupcake trays
fruit salad

allow people to decorate their own cupcake

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