Party at my house.. will everything be destroyed?!

Question: Party at my house.. will everything be destroyed?
This HUGE party is going to be at my house next week. Like HUGE, as in I don't even know 50% of the people that will be there. Is everything in my house going to get destroyed? I'm fine with like garbage and peoples crap everywhere but i mean are they going to break the furniture and everything glass or is that just in the movies? I've never had this kind of party at my house


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A couple of drunk guys will wanta fight and somebody will fall on top of a piece of furniture

Party at LoLo's place.....I'll try to be there to raise hell and thrash the place on a drunkin rage.....

No, I'm sure though their will be some people who wanna get outta controll and either bust things or start some confertations with people....When you have a large party, that's just whats always comes with it.....

Keep em in controll as best as you can girlie.....Good luck....Party like a rockstar....

It depends. Please tell everybody to not destroy anything as everybody's there and that if they want to fight or do some stupid things, go outside. And if they destroy something, they'll pay for it themselves. If you spot aggressive, drunk guys, kick them or tell them to relax if they're looking for trouble.

Have fun!

If there are a lot of strangers I would tuck away the breakables (and expensive) but the time i had a big blow out it was just the mess that I hated. There were no fights or broken furniture. Good luck and have fun!

of course!
you should always try and find out who goes to your party though cause if anything were to go wrong you would wanna know who was there & lay down sum rules, its YOUR house!

Just put anything nice away, locked up in your room.

Nothing should get destroyed.

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