Fun stuff to do at a party?!

Question: Fun stuff to do at a party?
I don't know what to do for my 14th birthday party, I want it to remind the people what we did when we were like 10-12.
yonger sister likes...
art and crafts
finding stuff
taking pictures
Any ideas


Scavenger hunt
Games: (have competitions to see who is the best a younger games, and have prizes for who wins)
board games
truth or dare
hide and go seek tag in the dark

dress up and do makeup for a photo shoot
make bracelets

There are tons of thigs to do, but here are a couple, hope it helps! :)

Balloon Art. . . but make sure you get a really good one; not one who just does a couple of simple things!

Henna Tattoos


Professional Partier

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