cheap cool ideas for sweet sixteen?!

Question: Cheap cool ideas for sweet sixteen?
sweet sixteens are very big things where i live. all of my friends are really rich and are going all out for their sweet sixteens (in fancy hotels, balls, etc.). However, my parents dont like sweet sixteen parties so if i want to have one, ill have to pay for it myself.
i like getting dressed up for things, so id like to have something quite fancy (nothing casual).
it will be in the middle of winter so no theme that involves pool party, hawaiian, picnik, or anything outdoors.
i also dont want to have a main meal at the party, just snacks.
my budget will be $200 maximum, and my parents will help with the food.
i need a good theme, tips so as not to spend too much money, and other ideas to make this an amazing party.
thanks for your help!


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Okay, so you have $200...

Well, if you have a place indoors - like a basement or garage or something....

Rent a Karaokee machine and have everyone dress up as their favorite recording artist (country, rap, whatever) and dim the lights and set up an area like a "stage" area and set up a light with someone working it like it's a spot light - can just be a lamp or high powered flash light and have a talent contest with little prizes from the dollar store.

And do a candy buffet or just desserts. You can certainly pull off a really fun party for everyone with $200 - that people will be talking about for a long time - who doesn't like dressing up as their favorite singer? Have a contest for best song, best duet, most look-a-like, dorkiest, lame-est,etc.

1.Black Tie
Snack: bruchetta with tomato and motzarella, mini tarts (savory or sweet, eg. jam, cheeze, mini quiche, chocolate dippedmstrawberries, nachos salsa and cheese, breadsticks and veg sticks and dip.

2.Around the world
snack: Anything!!

have it at a nice restaurant & go to a play, concert, or museum, or you could just go see the play, with friends & you could end end up back at your house for punch, cake and ice-cream. or have parents bring cake to the restaurant...

Italian Restaurant, YUM. Have some nice music, nice food and an awesome party.

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