birthday party ideas?!

Question: Birthday party ideas?
so im turning 14 in a month and i want to do something special. for the past 7 years all i have done is sleepovers so i want to go out and do something. about 7 people will be going (including me) and i dont want to do something baby-ish. help?


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First of all Happy 14th birthday~
i love love love party! My birthday is coming up in September and I already planned my party idea. I know it's going to be a blast. You can use my idea if you like ; I'll make a list.

These are my favorite games ; I'll include detail to make your party more fun // instructions.

Jello head dunk :
Get a GAINT bowl of jello and , and your supposeed to put a charm or something at the bottom for people to try and grab with their mouth .

Water gun :
---> have fun <----

Paint each other's faces :
Can be out of control but it was worth it.

Do the Limbo :
I always have this at my birthday party.

Sing your heart out and have fun!

Water balloons :
--> Have fun <--

Okay for the twister game , don't play the original style. Play it this way, you will need 4 players, grab a partner and get a rope then tie each other ankles togerther ; and try to use only half of the board of the spinner . Then the last two standing wins.

The rest are just simple activities you all can play :
hide and seek
Jump on your trampoline if you have one
Swim in your pool if you have one
Bake cupcakes
Bake brownies
Have a pillow fight
Blow balloons
Have a hula-hooping contest
Play board games
Make s'mores
Make puppy chow
Have a baking/cooking contest
Have a singing contest
Have a dance contest
Play with your presents
Camp in the backyard
Have a jump rope contest
Play truth or dare
Play balloon volleyball
Have guests make their own recipe
Have a scavenger hunt
Have an Easter egg hunt
Climb trees
Build a fort
Have a painting contest
Play Twister
Make crafts
Eat pizza
Play charades
Tye-dye shirts
Make lemonade
Do a relay race
Have a pickle-eating contest
Have a pie-eating contest
Have computer chair races
Make ice cream sundaes
Act out your favorite movie
Find objects in the clouds
Look for star constellations
Throw frisbees
-finger painting
-Capture the flag
-card games
-dance off
-ouji board
-supersoakers/water balloons
-Spin the bottle
- face paint
- movie
- badminton
-tractor rides
- Ghost story competition.
- Film a movie,
-bone fire
-poker tables
-costume party
- perform a skit,
-scavenger hunt.
-rock band
-musical chairs
like red rover
sack races
kick the can
Jello head dunk
bouncy castle
pass the parcel
musical statues
musical chairs


Water park, theme park, bowling, skating, laser tag, restaurant, sports event... all i can think of. hope you like one of those. =P

movies and then dinner your parents treat??

rent a limo and go out to some place nice and wear cocktail attire.

go out to a nice restraunt..

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