Sweet 16 Birthday Dinner?!

Question: Sweet 16 Birthday Dinner?
My 16th birthday's at the end of October, and this year my parents are gonna let me do something for it because they don't want to get me any gifts this year. So I want to invite like 30ish people, so at least I know 10 will probably come. My parents said it has to be all girls too. And I want everyone to dress kinda fancyish, like wear a dress. So I need a restaurant that's kinda fancy and has good food, but not something so expensive that it breaks everyone's budget, cause I'm telling everyone to pay for themselves.

So what restaurants would you suggest that would be good? :)

For Arlington, TX!


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You live in Arlington so you'd probably certainly know the good restaurants better than I. Texas has a reputation for excellent bbq so that would be my personal first choice, but I'm not a teenager. You know girls sometimes try to pretend like they barely consume food at all. I think at this stage in the game you should go to a chain restaurant like Applebee's or Chili's. Even a pizza parlor would be enjoyable especially if everyone has to pay their own way.

For my sweet 16, I had a surprise b'day party and it was at Red Lobster. You basically just want to enjoy the company of your friends.

I think since it is an all girl party that I might really prefer to order food to be delivered at home, dress up, use the fine china, and have a sleepover.

Many parties from elementary school to adulthood.

Whichever restaurant you choose, you need to call in advance and verify that they're going to let you do separate checks. Usually for a party that large a restaurant will only do one check and they will include a gratuity in the total.

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