17th birthday ideas for november!?!

Question: 17th birthday ideas for november!?
as cheap as possible...
8-12 people, boys & girls
what you think?


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Wow, really don't listen to that first girl. Obviously some people would rather spend their birthday with a few close friends rather then waste like, $200-300 on a hall for a party with a bunch of people they don't really talk to, and spend their time with their few close friends anyway.

You could go see a movie together, and go to dinner if it's not too expensive. Or go simple and just have a house party. You guys can just rent some movies to watch, or play rock band/ guitar hero/ ddr. There are also loads of games you could play: Truth or dare, Spin the bottle, Suck and Blow, Dice Strip. If you aren't into those types of games maybe get a twister mat, that's always hilarious. If you have a pool go swimming or have a bon fire if you have a fire pit. Depending on where you live, if it's not too cold you could go to a park or a lake/the beach and have your party there. Be sure to bring something to play music with, and a football or soccer ball. My birthday is in october and i'm probably having a house party with 20-30 people, but same as you i'm throwing a bigger party next year when i'm 18. Hope this helps, have fun :)

Open it up to your whole class and make it a luau. You will have more fun and people will talk about it for years. Bring your mom or dad to the dollar store and look for the dollar grass skirts and lei's for the necklace.
download island and hula music, and go on line for recipes and drinks age appropriate.
play limbo
use the local pool or yours if you have one.

I am a professional party planner

8-12 people and you're 17?
a bit sad, no?
get all your friends together and rent a cheap hall, get a DJ and ask people to dress formally. And loads of booze. not that expensive and less like a 12 year old's birthday

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