fourteen year old bonfire party ideas?!

Question: Fourteen year old bonfire party ideas?
my party is coming up. my mom agreed to let me have a bonfire with about 20-25 people. i will be turning 14, so this will be a supervised party. boys and girls will be attending. i am unsure of what activites to do though. nobody will be staying all night. i plan to have it from about 7-9. i thought these seemed like good ideas: smores, music, and flashlight tag. but i'm not sure what else to do. i want casual stuff. and btw, what are some GOOD songs. it will be in a semi large field. and yes, it will be parent supervised. it will either be held the 25th of this month, or 26th depending on weather. so that will be a friday or a saturday. (: ideas anyone? ; D


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some smores maby have a pot luck and tell stories and have a cupple stay over for a sleepover

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