Can you help with party ideas?!

Question: Can you help with party ideas?
*UK, so no American sites/ shops etc (: *

I'm turning 16 in November and want to have a big party to celebrate.
I thought about doing fancy dress but most people don't make any effort, so I'd like to have it where people dress formally.
There can be booze, and a limit of around £500, it's not a lot, but any ideas would be great.
Any venues on the Isle of Wight, or in Portsmouth/ Southampton would be appreciated, and any design ideas, cake websites, decor websites, invitation sites, ANYTHING!
I would be very appreciative, and it's an easy 10 points!
thanks so much


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Happy nearly birthday!

I think you get great photos when you have a Chav party - everyone dresses up in Burberry and track suits (so it's an easy option for fancy dress so therefore more people make an effort)..and the boys love it as all they have to do is put on a football shirt and trainers!

If you do decide to do the formal thing then find somewhere locally that can hire all the boys a tux at a discounted rate and mention that on the invites. You could chose your favourite colour and theme the party / ball as Silver and Gold, or Bling, or Pink. Then everyone has to wear the same colour and you can co-ordinate your invites and cake to that colour too.

Put local taxi numbers on the invites too and state what time the party ends and starts. Don't advertise it on facebook as you will get loads of gatecrashers (personal experience :()

Look at the website for ideas on invites, it's a design site where people all round the world sell their hand made good - clothes, jewellery, stationery etc.

If you are going formal then find somewhere in the Hamble marina areas as that's quite posh and very pretty..
You could do a boat party - don;t know if they do one around your way as it's been a while since I was there but in Bucks you can go along the thames on a steam boat type thing and it's not as expensive as it sounds but certainly makes for great photos and a cool experience.
have a look at party organiser websites in your area and nick some ideas too!

hope i've helped a bit.. good luck!

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