Cheap, but Fun Party Ideas?!

Question: Cheap, but Fun Party Ideas?
So Im turning 13 and I need some ideas for an awesome fun and cheap birthday. I dont want to do it at like a roller skating party, or something like that, and I dont think I want to do it at my small what and where should I do it for cheap??? Also, its a guys AND girls party, and I live in Arlington, Texas...HELP!!!


why not have it at your house move all the furniture out of your livingroom ....and if you have a loud sound system in your living room play loud music have it decorated all nice have a small finger food buffet and juss dance and have fun...if not how about a lake if they have one there the weather still nice have a big pool like party but with a for music a big bbq..goin and juss have fun.....or you can do it at a theme park depend's howmany people maybe just you and your bestfriend and have fun on all the water ride's.... with a small picnic there juss take the food and a cooler w/drinks....well hope ive givin you some idea's....

happy early bday...

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