What are some ideas for a 14 year old boy's birthday party?!

Question: What are some ideas for a 14 year old boy's birthday party?
Hey guys, i'm turning 14 in a few days and I'm stuck on what to do for my birthday party.

I like Music. A Lot. Something that both genders could be involved in. Something relatively inexpensive.

Thanks a bunch!


Hey, i guess you could;
- Blast music really loud, and just have a mini rave sort of thing?
- Sing karaoke (even if you suck, just do it for the laugh)?
- Have a water fight (if you're in England it'd be more like a rain fight, but still...)?
- Have a movie marathon
- Truth or dare?
- Play Guitair Hero?
- You could all randomly walk around town wearing fancy dress (i did this with my friends dressed as a smurf, people kept looking at us like retards, but it was so much fun, blue paint ftw!)
- Have a barbeque?

Yeah, it's up to you really, just do whatever floats your boat =)
Try talking to your friends and see what they want to do, or if they have any ideas.

Any help? x

I'm 14, i'm a girl, I love music, and have 2 brothers

Umm. Invite all your friends over (includes gilrs), and watch a movie. If your trying to get a girl to like you make sure you sit next to her and put on a scary movie or a very confusing movie that you thorougly understand. Before the movie starts tell her oh iv seen this movie and everytime she cant figure something out tel her whats happening. then at the end of the night show your room and your all set. LOL, just make sure to watch movies listen to movies and just chiil or teach them to play games

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