A coworker is retiring this week ... looking for suggestions for a lunch menu!?!

Question: A coworker is retiring this week ... looking for suggestions for a lunch menu!?
A coworker of mine is leaving this week. She's always been very thoughtful for other peoples' retirements and goodbyes and we want to do something special for her. We've thought of everything but a lunch ... we just had a hot lunch at work this past week and thought of doing sandwiches this Friday, which is her last day, but it just doesn't seem special enough for her. Without spending too much money, does anyone have any suggestions on what we could do?


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Think about her likes and dislikes. Everyone has gotten to know her over the years so you should know if she likes sandwiches, Mexican, Italian, German, hamburgers, subs, quiche, etc. Plan it according to her favorite foods rather than what appeals to everyone else. After all it's her retirement and it's only one lunch for each of you to either enjoy or endure. Personally, I like the idea above of the potato bar and toppings, but it's not my retirement.

One lunch we did that was pretty inexpensive was a taco bar everyone pitched in with the sides. We had homemade salsas, fresh veggies, someone made homemade beans. The dessert was cheesecake from Smart and Final. You get like 20 assorted slices for around $25 dollars.

How about a baked potato bar? Just bake a bunch of potatoes and then have everyone bring one item as a topping. Anything goes too...chili, guacamole, sour cream, bacon, cheese, salsa, meat, etc. Just tell everyone to bring one item for the bar part.

Good luck.

How about a build your own sub bar. You could have several types of breads(sub buns, croissant, wraps) a variety of meats, cheeses, sauces and toppings. I do catering and this is a big request for luncheons.

Maybe you can get a cheese and cold cuts tray and rolls and everyone can make their own sandwich.

Some potato or macaroni or pasta salad.

Fruit platter.

Veggie tray.

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