What are good entree ideas?!

Question: What are good entree ideas?
I'm having a dinner party, fairly casual, one of the entrees I'm serving is brushetta with prosciutto, pate, quince paste and mini pickles. However I understand this isn't to everyone taste, so I want to have a safe option aswell, particularly other topping ideas for the bruschetta.

It will be platter like, so people can make there own toppings. So I guess what other things could I put on the platter that would be nice?

Don't answer with ideas for dinner or desert. I have already got that sorted.

I asked this question yesterday and the people that answered didn't seem to read the question properly.


Perhaps the confusion is with your use of the word "entrees" when you may mean hors d'oeuvre. Brushetta with prosciutto, pate, quince paste, etc., are delicious appetizers or hors d'oeuvre but are not served as an entree. Your main course is the entree.
Other toppings for your Brushetta:
Goat cheese and Mediterranean olives
Feta cheese with minced apple
Grilled fig and arugula (great for vegetarians) Delicious California figs are available in delis
Eggplant and sun dried tomatos (great with or without a delicate cheese) but super with Parmesan
Candied ginger with brie
Mushrooms and artichokes
All of these are delicious. The cheese laid on top of the brushetta prevents the bread from becoming soggy with moisture from the other ingredients.
Hope the party's a success!

You can use tomatoes and some type of cheese (mozerella, feta, brie). It's fresh and tastes amazing ! You can also do a platter with cheeses and cured meats of sorts (you can mix and match them together so give different varieties) Savoury tartlets (onion and goat cheese baked on puffed pastry) make really cute entrees.

Spaghetti! So easy!

I like my bruschetta with chopped tomato, fresh basil, a little EVOO and salt & pepper. I also love an olive tapenade.

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