What should I do for my 12th Birthday party!? HELP?!

Question: What should I do for my 12th Birthday party!? HELP?
My birthday is coming up soon and I need birthday party ideas! We do not have enough room for a sleepover so that idea is out....


go to an amusement park, have a spa themed party, a chocolate themed party, dress up as your favorite celebrity, singer, etc. scavenger hunt, make pizza, water balloon toss/fight

Hmm, maybe a swim party? Or a themed party (such as carnival themed, ocean theme, Twilight themed, Harry Potter thing, etc.) You could also host a game show party. Pick one of your favorite games shows. Say I picked Minute to Win It. I'd create fun challenges or get them from that show and have my guests compete. You can find a timer anywhere, an ipod, a computer a phone, etc. Have a really good prizes, or semi-good little prizes for the winner to receive.

Personal Experince

rock climbing was my sons twelfth birthday party. They had a blast.

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