Hosting a Big Brother (T.V) show party..?!

Question: Hosting a Big Brother (T.V) show party..?
Okay, so my friend and I are hosting a Big Brother party. We already planned a couple of challenges, but is there anything genral that can make this party better? Should I set up cameras, microphones, how should I set up my confessional room, etc.


Serve oatmeal and call it slop. Make veto necklaces. Have everyone make their own sock puppets and use them to talk. Randomly turn on music and make everyone get up and dance for however long the music is on for. Have mini bowling. Serve broccoli and bean dip, egg plant, baby food(you can just use apple sauce and pretend). Have mini baskets as the party favor with lil snacks in them like in the HOH room.

Make slop for the have-nots, lol.

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